Terrifying Short Ghost Stories

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Bradford’s Ravine

What lurks below Highway B? Don’t run, just read it!

The Forgotten Ghost

Who knew ghost hunting could be so profitable and deadly? Check it out.

Ghost of Lake Fontain

The murky depths of this lake are filled with more than just fish. If you’re not too chicken, you can read it here.

The Haunted School

What should you do if you find an abandoned schoolhouse in the middle of the woods? Run! Then read the story.

The Haunted Cemetery

A real ghost story about a cemetery that houses the undead. Read the story, it’ll freak you out!

Killer on the Loose

An escaped convict is roaming the neighborhood, looking for a place to get in. Whatever you do, don’t open the door. Read it if you dare.

Night Train

What lurks along the tracks of the Old Constitution? Find out here.

The Old Jar

What do you do when violence comes to your door? Henrietta doesn’t hesitate to put an old glass jar to good use. But guess what happens when no one is around . . . (Read it)

The Haunted Cabin

A remote cabin in the woods is supposed to be empty, but when the two ladies arrive, they discover something has been inside and it’s probably still with there. Get haunted here.

Friday the 13th

One day, a mysterious box arrives with instructions not to open it no matter what. Can Sandra resist the temptation and what is that scratching inside? Find out here.

Haunted Highway

A ghost walks along Highway 276 at certain times of the year. Have you seen it? Look here.


Stranded by the side of the road, one man learns that it’s not just wildlife lurking in the wilderness. Freak yourself out and read it here


Welcome to the short ghost stories room at Ghosts2Stories, an online haunted house loaded with ghosts and ghostly entertainment.

Here, when you move from page to page, you’re really moving through each room of this horridly haunted house.

Much of the material presented on this page was written by yours truly, for no other  reason than to . . . try to scare the pants of you! Isn’t that what  most of us ghost fans want? To be scared to death?


What a peculiar way to entertain ourselves or others. Is it the adrenaline rush we seek?

Whatever the reason, there’s definitely something to be said for hunkering down under the covers and reading some really scary stories in the dark. Eerie tales of disembodied spirits, dark and creepy stories, chilling accounts of encounters with the undead . . . the types of stories that make you lie awake at night and make the gooseflesh crawl upon your arm. And these are the kind of ghost stories you’ll find on this page.

I love ghost stories, whether its a story about a haunted cemetery, a haunted castle, or creepy old haunted house, I can never get enough of them. And I created this site to solve that problem. Hope you enjoy it too!

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A Murder for Two

A woman scorned spells trouble for a faithless husband. Warning! This story is not suitable for children. If you’re old enough, read it here.

The Ghost of Mom

A sentimental story about how you never really lose your loved ones. Find Mom here.

Camp Ghost

Something lurks in the mountains of Montana. If you want to know what it is, click here.


Campfire Ghost Stories

Visiting parents may be interested in something for the kids. The ghost stories here are suitable for the younger crowd. (Use discretion on the rest of the site however. I haven’t made this site super kid-friendly. ;-))

Camping Ghost Story

Parents, this story is suitable for teens and tweens. It’s the story of Joell and what happens to her one Saturday night. (Read it)

Enchanted Willowland

Another campfire ghost story that is suitable for children, this one is about an enchanted forest and the special creatures who live there. (Read it)

The Knocking Door

A ghost gets caught in a door and is put to good use. (Read it)