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Getting scared for Halloween, or any other time, for that matter, requires the right elements. For me, one of the best scare tactics to create a spooky Halloween mood is to watch supernatural horror movies. Why? Because they provide just the right amount of eerie, unnerving terror for your personal evening of fright.

I’m sure you’ve seen the slasher flicks and torture movies so prevalent in today’s horror genre. For me, those kinds of movies don’t scare, they depress, because they contain just too much anger and spite. If that’s what I wanted to see, I’d follow hate groups on social media! Seriously! There are plenty of words for the kind of people who hate online, but that’s not the kind of scary I’m after.

The kind of supernatural horror movies I like are those that make you think, or those that really draw you into its plot or characters, or those that make you turn on the lights, look over your shoulder and make sure the doors and windows are locked. They’re the kind that leave an impression, but not because they’re so gross.

Funny thing is, many of the classic horror movies have the spooky feel I like, but tend to be underrated or even forgotten. But those days are over because here on this page, I’m compiling a list of supernatural horror that not only scares, but will make a lasting impression.  I’m doing this for those people like me, who enjoy the old fashioned scares.

All you have to do is scroll down and click to start playing.  After that, you just come back occasionally to find what’s new as I’ll be compiling more films as I come across them. All are free and here for your enjoyment.

Have a spooky night And if you’re looking for the best haunted house movies, my list is here.



Ghost Movies and Spirits

13 Ghosts

Death Ship


House on Haunted Hill

The Ghost Train

Dementia 13

Something Evil

The Strange and Deadly Occurence



Vampire Movies

Son of Dracula

Grave of the Vampire




Witches and Warlocks

The Hearse



Demons, Devils and Hell

The Unseen




Cry of the Werewolf




The Snow Creature



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